Real Angels Sing

by Cody England

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    These recordings are from Cody's heart, and not his wallet. If you can relate to this music or enjoy it in any way, please share it. Just respect it. Don't modify or re-use any part of it without my consent and approval, especially for gain.

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1: an intense feeling of deep affection

"Real Angels Sing" is yet another musical effort by Cody England to portray love. Not the traditional romantic sort, but an odd offshoot of the platonic variety. It's a story of finding solace in a close friend; someone experiencing the same heartaches, and seems idyllic, but because of the situation is unachievable in a romantic way.
The EP Starts with an instrumental tribute to the primary instrument used in it's creation, the GEM H-400 home organ, and then the the relevance begins. Although "Real Angels Sing" is similar to "The Monotony Monopoly", the lyrics are written in a much different way. "The Monotony Monopoly" was written to the listener as a story of a relationship, much unlike "Real Angels Sing", which is written directly to a third party (the fore-mentioned friend). Each of the last four songs is a confession and/or explanation of feelings a lot of which are too difficult to bring up in an average conversation.
"House in the Trees" is an upbeat and abstract description of ideals shared.
"Real Angels Sing" is admission of admiration and adoration.
"Our Solution" is a melancholy statement pointing out shared disappointments, along with a vague suggestion for a potential remedy.
Last but certainly not least is "Someday" which is a summary of all the subjects discussed, coupled with the optimistic thought that future will be worth todays suffering.
The lyrics and subject aren't the only things that set "Real Angels Sing" apart from "The Monotony Monopoly". It's also compositionally and sonically more complex, featuring greater attention to detail and experimentation with textures.
A set of six hodgepodge photo-collages in orange and pink were created to accompany the realease. They are included as a PDF.


released February 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Cody England Mountain Home, Arkansas

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Track Name: House in the Trees
In my greatest,
dearest dreams
I would live by
silver streams.
away from the
words extremes
Safe and easy
life would seem.

Go there with me,
my dear.
we could be free.
Just you and me,
my love.
a house in the trees.
Know one could see,
us there.
No room for three.
We would be free
in our
house in the trees.

Even if I
had it all
without you my
sky would fall
my ideal world
just a joke.
on my heart there'd
be a yoke.


You are really
oh so sweet.
You could make my
world complete.
I'd give you all
that I could.
Just a mansion
in the woods.

Track Name: Real Angels Sing
I can
feel your
heart beating

Though you
are far
I can
hear you sing

coming to
to me
through the
winter air

The sweet
voice that
this affair


it is
than a
Flying dove

Just one
note and
I had
fell in love

in my
heart it
will for-
ever ring

all I
know is
that real
angels sing

Track Name: Our Solution
maybe we're living
some say
some say we are
I know how I feel
I know
it's gone too far.

We've felt
all the same hurts and
we've seen
all the same grey
if love
is what we're getting
Love is
just a cliche

Just wait
Baby just wait and
I will
show you the way
Trust me
let me just hold you
forget the day
Track Name: Someday
since we were
both were younger
i have had
such a hunger

back when I
Didn't know it
before I
could've shown it

You may
be the one who I need
all the blood that I bleed
worth it
for the day you love me

choices made
our lives reflect
taking our
share of neglect

If I could
have it my way
We would leave
them both today


in the end
would it matter
if it's just
their hearts shattered